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七つの大罪 2015



初演:2015年 伊丹アイホール(兵庫)、東京芸術劇場(東京)

ソロヴァイオリンバージョン 2019年 Vabalava(タリン)


振付・演出・意訳: 山田うん





照明 関根有紀子

音響 江澤千香子

舞台監督 原口佳子

出演:ダンス 川合ロン/山田うん


The Seven Deadly Sin The Premier 2015 Itami AI HALL (Hyogo), 2015 Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre(Tokyo)

Solo-violin version 2019 Vabalava (Tallin)


Choreographer Director Translation:Un Yamada

Music:Yasuhiro Yoshigaki, Kurt Julian Weill

The original wor:Eugen Berthold Friedrich Brecht

Scenography:Eisuke Ohtsh (Karasuya)

Costume:Yuko Ikeda

Dancer:2 dancers

Musician:Full ver. Yasuhiro Yoshigaki(per.) Kumiko Takara(per.) Keisuke Ohta(v.),

Taro Sukegawa (g.) Violin solo version. Keisuke Ohta

Intelligent Ana and Bohemian Ana. The two Anas play the role of each other in the seven cities of the Americas without being swayed by the Christian "Seven Deadly Sins" of "lazy", "pride", "rage", "satiety", "fornication", "greed", and "jealous" A story about traveling and returning to the accident-free town. Brecht's musical dance drama, which uses humor and metaphor to describe the irony of the development of a capitalist society. Percussionist / composer and arranger Yasuhiro Yoshigaki boldly plays Kurt Weill's music. The solo violin version is an energetic and beautiful performance by Keisuke Ota.


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