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結婚 2013




初演:2013年 愛知芸術文化センター、

2014年 スパイラルホール(東京)、いわき芸術文化交流館アリオス(福島)、

2014年 先鋒劇場(中国 北京)、Suzanne Dellal Centre(イスラエル テルアビブ)

2016年 えずこホール(宮城)

2017年 Japan Society 17th Contemporary dance showcase (NY) 、

Corpo(a)terra(オウレンセ・スペイン)、 Festival Ciclo Huellas (ウェルバ・スペイン)

2018年 札幌文化芸術劇場 hitaru







Les Noces The Premier:2013 Aichi Arts Center 

2014 Spiral Hall(Tokyo), Iwaki Performing Arts Center Alios(Fukushima),

Advance-guard Theatre (Beijing), Suzanne Dellal Centre(Tel-Aviv)

2016 Ezuko Hall(Miyagi)

2017Japan Society 17th Contemporary dance showcase (NY) 、Corpo(a)terra(Ourence)、 Festival Ciclo Huellas (Huelva)

2018 Sapporo Cultural Arts Theater hitaru

Co.Production Aichi Arts Center

Duration : 25min.

Choreographer Director :Un Yamada

Music : “Les Noces” composed by Igor Stravinsky

Recording : Pokrovsky Ensemble

Costume : Yuko Ikeda

Dancer : 2 dancers

“Les Noces (The wedding)” composed by Igor Stravinsky, premiered in 1923 as a group ballet. Un Yamada choreographed violently human patterns, humanity, strong emotions and sorrows through weddings by duo of men and women. The sound source used is “Les Noces (The wedding)” in1995 by the Pokrovsky Ensemble, a pioneer group of the folklore movement formed to bring the tradition of Russian peasant music to the present in an easy-to-understand manner.

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